Sonntag, 15. Januar 2017

First time Line Danceing

Yeehaaa - Line danceing!

My whole expectations for line dance were set up by movies like Footloose, therefore I was pretty excited to try it myself! I love country music anyway and if you know me a little bit better, you´ll know I am open for everything unusual and fun-promising.
Of course I dressed up in country style with blue jeans, a tucked in T-shirt and a plaid shirt.

Apparently this line dance isn´t in a huge squad, like in Footloose, so you need a partner for every dance. But different than in Germany, it is no problem to come to a dance event without a partner, because  everybody asks everyone and that it totally fine! You don´t have to feel awkward and you meet new people. 
However, before every new dance, the moderator explained the single steps slowly and just when the music started it got fast, which was a huuuuge plus! It basically works like that: There are two long lines in front of each other, so that you can look at your partner and during the dance you stick with your partner, while you work your way up and down the both line with a lot of new people to dance with. My first dance was with this really nice guy, who could dance pretty good and it made so much fun! But let me warn you: The main element here is spinning (I was glad I skipped dinner that day), which means at some point you only see blurry faces, who swirl around with you and it is a huge accomplishment to recognize your parters face and get back to him at the right point. :D So take a lot of water with you and don´t hesitate to take a break if you need one, I recommend. 
During the evening I danced maybe four to five times with the guy from the beginning, he gave me some useful tips to improve my dancing and I had the feeling at the end we danced pretty good together. However, in my opinion he was the best dancer that evening, I had the most fun dancing with him and after the last dance, I was brave enough to ask him, if he wants to keep in contact via Facebook. Sadly, he is going to study in Boston so that I will not have a chance to dance with him again, but we chatted a little bit today and maybe he can show me around in Boston sometime soon. :P 

To sum it up: I had such a fun evening and I´ll definitely go again! 

XOXO Johanna 

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