Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2016

the first weekend with my american family

Owing to my arrival on Thursday evening, the first three days I´ve spend with my american family were over the weekend. But let´s start at the beginning.

Thursday- 3rd November
OMG! Today is the day I´ll meet my american host-family - the people with who I´ll live the next year over! You can probably imagine how nervous and excited I felt. Additionally I am the kind of person, who always overthinks everything and imagines every possible situation - what isn´t really helpful. Therefore I imagined every possible awkward situation and drove myself totally crazy... but at the same time I remembered the feeling I had when we matched and that took a lot of my nervousness away.

The flight was super quick and I landed with two other AuPairs, who would see their family in a few minutes for the first time. But let me say one thing: airports are horrible! They are huge, you have to go through so many security checks, if you walk to one door you can never come back and they never say clearly, where you have to go. Therefore my biggest problem was to find my host family. (I did´t even knew who would come to pick me up)
But in the end we found each other. I stood outside of the airport on a carpark and my host-mom drove there to pick me up. I did´t even had to worry at all... she got out of the car with a big smile on her face and said You finally made it here!! And then she gave me a big hug and I was so relieved! To that I immediately liked her a lot.
On the way home I just recognized big streets and a lot of beautiful trees in all colors of Fall.
When we arrived at the house I almost could´t believe it! We stood in front of a huge and beautiful "Backstein"-house... and I was just overwhelmed.
Then she showed me around and after that it was time to pick up Hazel (my two year old little girl) from Daycare. She was very funny.. the moment she recognized me, she kept staring at me with her big brown eyes and did´t said a word. But just that you know it: She is the most beautiful two year old girl in the world!

The boys had Tequando, owing to that they came home late that day and our first meeting looked like this: I sat in the living room/ kitchen and Greyson (the oldest) bumped through the door, run to me jelling Miss Johanna and gave me a big hug. Jack followed but he just ran around, buzzing of energy.  I don´t know if you can even imagine how this first amazing hug from my oldest host-kid felt. And of course  I got to meet my host-dad too, who is as lovely as my host-mom even they are very different characters.
After we all had dinner, I gave them my presents from home and- I think just because of the amazing present - Hazel spoke her first word to me and the ice was broken. She even hugged me this evening and sat on my lap! I was soooooo happy!!!

When the boys had to go to bed, I also went to my room, unpacking my suitcases and having a good sleep for the next day.

Friday - 4th November
The first Day here!! I got up pretty early, because I had no idea how the day would look like and I didn´t wanted to miss out on anything. Especially because it was the only week day, where I could see and pick up how the daily routine is.
I was buzzing out of nervous energy and excitement.. but all the kids were in school/daycare and my host-mom took me to her work then. It was exciting for me to see where she works, but I forgot to bring a book with me and so I had to wait there for a while.. I could totally understand, that she had to do stuff, but it was pretty boring. When we left, she took me to Panera Bread and I had my first american (delicious) meal. Sadly she had to take some calls from work during the whole time and to be honest: I was a a litte bit disappointed. I really wanted to spend some time with her and get to know her better.. but it just wasn´t the right time.
However we made it to the grocery store that day an it was an experience! The stores here are so huge, it´s almost as big as a german "building-market" (Baumarkt) and you can buy everything there! So that was pretty great.

Saturday - 5th November
Obviously it was the first day of the weekend, therefore we had a pretty chilled day at home. I think everyone was glad to relax a bit from school or work. My host-dad, Greyson, Hazel and me went to the park nearby and it was just beautiful!

Sunday - 6th November
Sunday was actually a really amazing day! 
It started with going to church with Jesse, my host-dad. But church here is not to compare with church how I used to know them in Germany! It was a huge building, it had Childcare stations in it and it looked more like a theatre then a church. They had a big stage and screens, because there could fit so many people in, that not everyone could see the pastor very well. Plus, they had a band! 
However, I didn´t really liked the speech though, but at the end everyone in the room stood up and the band played a song. First of all, the guy, who sang, is crazy talented and it sounded amazing! Second, there was something about the whole atmosphere, all the people standing up and singing together and feeling like a community, that really took me, so I had goosebumps all over and even a few tears in my eyes. 
When we came back home, my host-mom Aisha took me to get our nails done... it was the first time ever for me, to get my nails done and it was pretty cool! At some point I had to dip my hands in warm wax and that felt incredibly nice. I think I never had such smooth hands. :D 
And also I just really enjoyed spending some time with my host-parents and getting to know their personalities better. 

In the afternoon we all drove to a farm for pumpkin smashing. I haven´t ever heard from such a thing, so I was excited to smash some pumpkins. :D 
For everyone, who has no clue what we are doing there: Because there were so many pumpkins left after Halloween, the farm made an event for people to pick pumpkins and smash them on different stations and then they feed the smashed pumpkins to their animals. 

It was a lot of fun for me and one of my first trips with my american family., so it meant a lot to me. 

happy in America,
XOXO Johanna 

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