Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2016

My first full working week

My first week working here is over.
First of all: I´m so glad to be in this loving family with Jesse&Aisha being so nice to me and three incredible children!
But to be honest, it was still a challenging week for me.
Of course I needed to get to used to the daily routine, the kids and the house... and the first days were pretty overwhelming for me. The boys had two days off from school and Hazel stayed at home too. You probably can imagine how crazy this was.
I´m not able to write down a full report of the first week, but I will try to draw a picture with describing how things were going in categories:

When I first got here and Aisha and I picked her up from daycare, she was very shy, did´t say a word and stared at me the whole time. :D (that was so cute - but at the same time I was worried if she was going to like me or not)
After the whole family had dinner, I gave them my little presents from Germany.. and Hazel's present were three wooden magicians, which consists out of 4 peaces each.

And she loved it! I think just because of that toy she spoke her first words with me and I was so glad! 
During the evening she came to me, sat down at my lap and as it was time for her to go to bed, she gave me a hug. A HUG! I was soo happy, you can´t even imagine. 

Sine then we get along pretty well with each other. She is such a cute toddler and such a sunshine! It literally makes me so happy seeing her enjoying herself and everything around her. 
And to be fair, I probably feel most comfortable looking after her, because I have the most experience with toddlers and not with older children. 

He is such a smart boy, he absolutely loves his family and I´ve got the feeling if we start building a relationship, we would going along very well together.... but getting to this building-kind-of-a-relationship-part is way more difficult than I expected it to be!!! 
I´m actually not very good at being strict and saying the kids what they are suppose to do - especially if they refuse to do it. (Plus: At this point I don´t know all the rules ... and I´m basically really unsure in situations like this)
My point of view is that he does´t likes me (or maybe my role) at all and he does´t takes me really serious. You know, he sometimes yells at me or ignores me or says rude things like That´s not you business or You´re a terrible nanny... And I am really upset about this! Because I am trying so hard to be as nice as possible and don´t giving him a reason to dislike me. So far we had one good and four bad days and to be honest, that is exhausting! Tiptoeing around him every day and only getting negative feedback makes me sad and takes so much energy. It´s been only a week and I have so much hope that it´ll be better with time and as he get´s to know me better.
On the other side I´m thinking ahead if it will continue to be this way, because then I have no other chance than to be so strict that he behaves better to me. 
I´m hoping for the best, because I want to see him happy and behaving respectful to me because he wants to and not because he fears the consequences. 
We´ll see. 

Greyson is also very smart and cute and I´m actually really happy with him. Of course he is a nine year old and he tries to trick me sometimes, but he is so mature for his age, he totally understands if you just sit down with him and have a conversation! Sometimes he basically is a little adult.
He has been very helpful and friendly to me and apart from fighting with his brother sometimes, I have nothing to complain about. 

As I said in the beginning, I am so glad being here in this loving family! I take so much out of that! They welcomed me, after our matching and when I arrived here, in their family. Both of them are very nice to me but it goes further than that. I kind of look up to both of them as a person as well as a couple. They have such interesting characters, I really enjoy our conversations and I respect their opinions. 
As a couple they just give me hope that it´s possible to be married for over 10 years, which were not always easy peasy, and still be happily in love with each other. 
Additionally they manage to be a happy family and be happy around their kids even if they had the most exhausting day or week. That´s just impressive to me! and I hope to be able to say the same about myself one day. 

the house: 
I´m living, for the next year, in the most beautiful house you have ever seen! It is so pretty! Nearly every day I am using the big back yard for playing outside with the kids. I love my room and the rest of the house! It basically feels like home to me, even if I was only here for a weeks time so far. Obviously I still get to know everything, but I am starting feeling more comfortable with doing things like laundry, cleaning or putting stuff, where it belongs. 

I´m not that kind of person, who get´s homesick very quick and easily and in the few days I spend here so far, I experienced so much and soaked all the new information in like a sponge, that there wasn´t even time to miss home. 
I kept in touch with my family and my friends from time to time and that´s good, but I´m not at the point yet, where I miss them. 

That´s it for the first week. I´ll keep you updated.

XOXO Johanna

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