Samstag, 31. Dezember 2016

Happy New Year!

I actually really like the time around new year, because everyone starts thinking about their lives and what they want to achieve. I enjoy reviewing my past year, thinking about my life and what´s waiting for me in the coming year.
I think I will make a separate and more detailed post about my mental health and how things changed for me, but just saying in general: When I was younger, I used to make a whole bunch of new years resolutions, which have been totally unrealistic and I never really worked hard to achieve them too... in my mind it was more of a wish than an actual goal I wanted to achieve. I thought things would just magically happen, but that´s not how it works.
Last year I found a great method for myself: I give every year a big motto to lead it. Additionally I set myself not more than 5 realistic (!) New Years Resolutions and let me say, it worked perfectly! I haven´t got frustrated, because I could see a progress instead of constant failure.

My motto of 2016 was face your fears and I´m so proud to say I faced a bunch of my fears this year successfully! It made me grow so much and gave me a lot more confidence in myself and my strength. Obviously I couldn´t face all of my fears in one year, so I´ll still keep working on that, but 2017 I´m focusing on learning how to be happy.
I´ve been through five really rough years, that partly felt like hell and during the last year I had to recover a lot from these wounds (and I still do a lot!). But now I´m finally in a really good mental place and the coming year I want to focus on keeping this up and even improving it more. I also feel like I´m just discovering and growing into the whole "adult-life" and all the responsibilities, that come along with that, so I hope to get more confident in this role.

But let me speak a little bit more about 2016 before this year is gone and we all move on with 2017.
2016 was a great year for me! So many great things happened: I got my drivers license, I passed my A-levels (thanks God!), I turned 18 and I started in my new life with becoming an AuPair and flying to America! I have a wonderful best friend, who I love deeply and I improved my relationship with my brother a lot this year (which also makes me miss him and Gregor so much). But most of all, I finally have the feeling I have my shit together! Even when my long term future plans are quite unsettled, I have the feeling I changed incredibly much this year, especially during the last two months. I´m in a mentally very good place right now, I am confident and I feel strong - strong like I can handle most of the stuff life could throw at me.
Just being able to say that and feeling inside it´s true, makes me incredibly proud and I feel like that actually as my greatest achievement in 2016. From here we can go on and built everything up, but I took the first step.
Okay, so much to 2016, let´s move on to the good old New Years Resolutions.


- being satisfied with my body

- being the best nanny possible (patient, organized, caring, playful, prepared, calm,....)

- making a plan for my educational future / future life in general

- appreciating the good in every day

- worrying less

I hope you have a magical night,
XOXO Johanna

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