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Goodbye Germany, Hello USA! & Orientation Days in AuPair Academy

Okay, let the journey begin!

My big adventure began on 31h October (Halloween!) 2016 with me getting in this big plane, which would bring me from my home Germany to the US!
My family, my best friend Antonia (Toni) and I arrived on 30th October in Berlin and stayed there over night, directly in front of the airport, because of my fear to miss my flight the next day. The night was very strange for me. My last evening in Germany felt like any other normal evening and while my Mom and Toni tried holding their tears back, I felt good. It just was´t real to me. But I woke up in the night and realized that these are my last few hours with all my beloved people and that nearly broke my heart. I cried for a bit and I even thought about staying in Germany for a little moment... but then I remembered why I decided to do this and that a lovely family in America is waiting for me, and I knew in my heart that I had to go.
Seeing my Mom and Toni in tears right before I had to go through the security check, and seeing my brothers for the last time was heartbreaking! And I am right now in tears just remembering this.

To be honest, I was actually surprised by myself when I sat in the plane, because I never really thought of myself, I would be brave enough to do all this for real. Don´t get me wrong, I never planned on canceling my plans or quitting right before my start, but I could never imagine myself being brave enough to do it for real. In general, it is just not possible to imagine yourself living a total different life on the other side of the world for at least a years time. 
Therefore I had a moment in the plane, when I realized I will do this "shit" and I was very proud of myself. 

AuPair Academy:
The Academy is in/ near by New York and all Au Pairs spend their first three days there, to learn and refresh important things for this program, as you probably know. 
The hotel looks amazing! My roommates were a danish girl and a french girl, who I really like and all three of us are living in Virginia (even if we are a few hours apart). I spend most the time with them and I really liked, that we had to speak english to communicate with each other, because 1. you know that no-one there can speak perfect english, therefore you don´t feel stupid when you make mistakes.
2. A lot of Au Pairs used to spend their time with others from their home-country and spoke in their native language, which isn´t helping improving your english skills at all. We had class everyday from 8 am until 5pm with breaks for lunch and to use the restroom. 
I booked the New York Tour in the evening of the first full day in the US. By the way: it costs 46$, because a lot girls asked me. 
However, it was incredible! We were so lucky with the weather, it was nice and warm, even in the later evening hours. And we could see New York at night - I don´t know what it is, but something about cities at night fascinates me. All the lights and imagining thousands of people in their homes, while I am wandering around is such a unique feeling. AND ! surprisingly I haven´t had the feeling of a cold atmosphere there, how I imagined it. I expected the atmosphere pretty similar to Berlin´s, but it was´t anything like that! We also had a great tour guid, he was very funny and I really truly enjoyed the trip. I will definitely come back one day, with a lot more time to explore the city. 
Get a little impression in the following picture gallery: 

I also filmed some bits and bobs, so take a look at my YouTube channel, where some new videos will definitely be up very soon! 

finally in America,
XOXO Johanna 

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